BTS Talks about Military Service in The Rolling Stone Interview


From Xenophobia and Masculinity to Romantic Relationships , BTS answered Questions about Everything in a New Interview with The Rolling Stones.
Apart from this BTS also opened up about their Military service and Life after it.

According to a South Korean Law every men are Required to Enlist in the Military by their 28th Birthday.

Athletes who have won Medals in Olympics or Asian Games are Exempt From Serving , But there is no any such Exemption for award Winning KPop Stars.

In December 2020 Just few days before 28th Birthday of BTS Member Jin South Korea passed a Law which is called "BTS LAW".

According to that BTS Law male KPop Idols who have received Govt Medals for their Domestic & Global Contributions can apply for a Postponement until the age of 30. 

Replying a question about Military Service Jin said " Military Service is an Important Duty For Our Country ''. Jin Feels that he will try to work as Hard as he can until he Called

For other 6 BTS Member Jin thinks they should make their own Decision about their Military Enlistment.

Jin thinks " he has no any doubt that other members of the group will also make a good Decision because This is not something that i can tell them "

Jin further told " He will be sad if they work without me but still he will be watching them on internet and will be cheering for them ".

V ( Kim Taehyung ) Believes that " ARMY will continue to support them even after Military Service is Done ".

Jimin Said " When he become too old to dance he will sit on stage with other group members and will sing with his fans " .

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  1. Nunca deixarei de agradecer por tudo que vocês, BTS, fizeram pela gente, sentiremos um aperto no coração, mais o Brasil inteiro está torcendo por vocês, desejamos boa sorte a todos vocês. Em nome de todas as B-Armys🇧🇷: Para: 방탄 소년단💜