Chinese New Year Facts


Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year which is also known as Spring Festival is going to start on 1st February 2022 and around 20% of the world population will be celebrating the festival.

According to Chinese zodiac each new year has an animal sign and 2022 is the year of Tiger.

Chinese New Year will be celebrated for 15 days continuously and there will a 7 Days long holiday for employees in china.

The main activities during Chinese new year consists Reunion Dinner, Decorations, Fireworks and giving red envelope gifts.

There are many interesting Myths and facts regarding Chinese New Year which you probably don't Know.

In this article i am going to share 10 Interesting Chinese New Year Facts with you.


1.Chinese New Year starts in the beginning of spring therefore its also called Spring Festival.

2.Chinese New Year date changes every year in 2021 It was celebrated on 12th February and now in 2022 it will be celebrated on 1st Feb.

3.In accordance with Chinese Zodiac every year has an animal sign 2021 was year of Ox while 2022 will be the year of Tiger.

The main difference between Chinese zodiac and Western zodiac is in western horoscope is chosen by your Birth month while in Chinese zodiac is chosen by Birth year.

4.Chinese New Year remains for 16 days thats why it is known as worlds biggest festival.

5.During Chinese New Year older gift red envelopes (containing money) to youngers and bosses to employs as a special bonus. Red envelope is a type of packet which is red in color which contains money.

Mainly it is given to kids but apart from kids its given to Family, Friends and relatives. Employs also expect red envelopes from their bosses.

6.Do you know 2 Billion people take part in Chinese New Year Celebrations and worlds overall population is around 8 Billion. India and China together make around 40% of the world population.

7.According to Chinese people if you wash your hairs or clothes it means you are washing out your luck that's why washing is not allowed during new year celebrations.

8.Chinese people believe that Demons and Ghosts are scared of Firecrackers therefore there becomes worlds biggest fireworks during Chinese new year.

9.If you are a single in china you are allowed to hire a boyfriend or a girlfriend for yourself during Chinese new year.

10.It is the longest public holiday with 7-12 days continuous work off for employees and one month winter vacation for students.

11.There are many Chinese people who are doing jobs outside china and when Chinese New year near they travel to their home for an special dinner called Reunion Dinner which every Chinese has to eat with their family in their homes. Around 200 Million Chinese people living abroad travel to their homes for Reunion dinner on New years Eve.

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