How to Vote on BBMAs 2021 | Billboard Music Awards 2021

 How to Vote on BBMAs 2021 | Billboard Music Awards 2021

Billboard Music Awards 2021 is back on Track once again to Recognize and Reward Artists and their music that made significant Rounds in the Music industry.

Most of these awards are based on key Fan interactions with music Including album and Digital song sounds , streaming , Radio airplane and social Engagement.

However there are also Special Categories where winners are dictated by Fan votes such as Top social Artists and Top Collaboration.

Under the top social artists category the finalists include BTS Blackpink Ariana Grande SB19 and Seventeen.

With this nomination the Filipino boy Group SB-19 became the first ever Filipino and first ever Southeast Asian artist to Ever land on the Billboard Nominations.

On the other hand being nominated also means that SB19 and their Fandom 18 is up against a Great challenge of facing these big names in the industry with big Fandoms and die hard fans.
These artists have several millions of followers on Twitter.

Eighteen will compete against the Aryannaders of Ariana Grande , the Blinks of Blackpink the Carrots of Seventeen and the armies of BTS who are the Reigning winners in this category.

This is Probably by far the Biggest and the most challenging battle that a team has ever faced since then.

Even being leased in Population 18 is Determined to give a good fight with a Ffirm belief that everything is possible and everything boils down to the voting power that all of us can Exercise.

So Going back to the Question How can we Vote ?

As of writing Billboard has not yet Released an official statement of rules and guidelines on how to vote however observing the Pattern of 2019 and 2020 billboard voting rules we can conclude that the only significant difference lies on the social media platform used in voting.

Who is Eligible to Vote and What is Required ?

For vote to be valid according to Billboard Website anyone with a valid email address Facebook account and Twitter account is eligible regardless of location.
Therefore in order to be able to vote you must have a Facebook account , a valid email address  or a twitter account to vote via Twitter.

Recently billboard posted a tweet announcing that they will be partnering with Twitter on a first of its kind Billboard chart that will showcase the most talked about songs and music topics although it doesn't mention anything about fan voting it seems to me that billboard is giving us a hint that twitter will be the social media Platform that will be used for 2021.

Now let's move on to the Main Topic How Can we Cast our Vote ?

According to billboard website there are several ways to vote
1 - Via Billboard awards voting Website
2 - Via Twitter
To vote on the voting website Login to www.billboard.com/bbmasvote.
You can log in using your Email for Facebook account After That search for the category and the artist you want to vote.

Voting rule says that you may cast up to 10 votes per day per award on the Voting website.

You Can Also Vote Via Twitter and Here also You can Cast 10 Votes Per Day 
The tweet must follow a certain format with its required hashtag to be counted as vote.
For Example for Top social artist category " I Just Voted ( Mention BTS or BlackPink Twitter Account ) for  #BBMAsTopSocial"  Thats it You're Done.

Voting Period starts on may 10th Monday and ends on May 21st Friday.
Let me reiterate that this is not a one-time voting it's a battle of daily voting for a two-week Period.

Also we highly encourage you to maximize  your voting powers 10 votes on the voting website and 10 votes by a tweet every single day.

So are you up for this challenge ?

if yes make sure to sign up on different social media platforms and make your votes counted.
Don't Forget to Sharte this Article with Your Friends so That There Vote Doesn't go Wrong and Show your support for your favourite Artist in the Comments Box Below.


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